She didn't know she'd like it...until she tried it



Billy J made it a long time without losing his anal virginity, but Rose Petal came along and she wanted to hit the site with a BANG!    She asked if she could start off by borrowing Mr. Pink, of course I said “Fuck yes!!!”

Let me tell you about my friend Rose Petal, she’s full figured, 40 DD tits, a hilarious laugh and evil streak, very similar to mine!!!  You will see it in this video, as she cackles and smacks Billy J’s ass while he calls her a bitch, as she stretches open his virgin hole.   She licks him and lubes him, fucks him on his back, doggy style and then finish up by riding it until he cums!

Words can’t even describe the hotness of this video.   I had to sit on a towel to watch it, it had me dripping.  Nothing sexier, than a man that is just barely willing to take a dick, almost as if on a dare.   In a way it was, Rose let him get her ass first!!!!   That video will come up in the future :)   First two minutes of this 12 minute clip.  FREE, right here on my tumblr and my blog.

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Awesome vid….


(Video preview)John Tyler, cute, lean, with his sex pierced nipples!!   Another fetish of mine. :)   Well John is a freak!   But he is an innocent freak.   He’ down for threesomes, gangbangs and everything with a woman, and knows how to eat the hell out of some pussy.  BUT he’s never been able to find a girl that wanted to do it all!  Until now!

His cock is rock hard and ready, I could feel it in his pants, but you guys know me and my trouble with belts and buttons.   Once, I just got the cock out, I had to sit on it and ride for awhile.   Then he pulled me up to his face, and started working my pussy with his tongue.   I was so surprised!   He made me cum to or three times just riding his mouth and tongue.   My cam guy noticed the fun I was having, and helped me out with direction to keep the scene moving.  I was fuck drunk just off of John’s mouth and couldn’t help direct lol.

He just kept getting me off, as you can hear, and then we discover he got off himself without even making a sound, and his load was huge.   At first, I thought it was just me squirting all over the place, because his dick felt just that good, but my cam guy quickly pointed out that it wasn’t just my cream, but a big load of man cream in my pussy too.    Then he got John to go down on me and get a taste of his big, silent load.

Afterwards we sat around naked on the bed and chatted about our hobbies and running regime.  It really was just an excuse for me to get shots of his body naked for my fans!

John Tyler wants to get into the industry, so trust me, we will be seeing more of him!

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Back by popular request, ROSE PETAL!   Took a bit to get her back but I managed to do that for you.   Any fans in the Dallas area in December let me know, we’ll be setting up a tour for her there.

Talk about hours and hours of fucking!!!!!!   It took us quite awhile to edit this down.  There is even more that probably should be in this 30+ minute flick.   Rose Petal took on two dicks, including her first dp with anal and vag penetration.   Fat dicked Chief Lawson showed her pink hole no mercy.  While Billy J, laughed as she squealed and even said “OUCH” a couple times, but she was determined to take both cocks until they couldn’t fuck her anymore.     At one point, Chief was deep thrusting her ass while Billy J, was rubbing her clit, after the first few orgasms, she decided to take over while Billy J, finger fucked her and Chief still kept pounding her ass.

Words just don’t do this scene justice, it is VERY HOT.   Even has a bit of a cuckhold vibe to it as Billy J sometimes watches and strokes while Chief rams Rose deep in several positions and then after Chief nuts a thick dripping nut inside of her, Billy J comes in pumps her a couple strokes to get his cock nice and wet with her and Chief’s cum and then strokes off all over Rose’s juicy booty.    Check it out at

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Six Six an ex jock. Has some meat on him which has been a popular request. I can’t get the meaty guys in fast enough for you readers! :) This film is fetish heaven. Lots of slow pussy licking. Lots of me, Jacki Love, Licking and sucking on his nice size 15 feet! Of course a good creampie, and I have him put his toe in my pussy and I suck the cum off of it. Then bonus, I follow him to the bathroom and watch him do #1!  

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Going back old school a lil, I went out and grabbed, JP, a hot college senior, meaty muscled, tanned, and a bit sunburned from doing training outside with his shirt off not that it held him back at all! He fucked me SILLY! I did manage to get in a lil play with his sexy feet, but he didn’t give me too much time to work them, he wanted me working his cock more. JP, definitely has a dominant streak, he was throwing me all around it was great. I can get into a guy that takes control with his dick without acting like he’s my boss :) THAT IS JP! Having a nice cock didn’t hurt my fun either, haha. He requested a hairy pussy too, so this is probably the most hairy I’ve ever had it so far for you hairy pussy fans out there that write all the time, here you go!!! Something for everyone. Thanks everyone for all the support and nice emails. Keep checking out the clips store and my site, there is a lot more coming <3 Jacki    Check it out in my clips store.


Man, I could use another double of these right now! ;)


Man, I could use another double of these right now! ;)



 Ok, so I’ve had the best luck these updates with getting some good dick.   I can’t complain.   Well these crazy Texas mother fuckers, kicked it up a notch. ERMAHGERD!   As you will see in the video, they were shit talking and getting rough with me, like I’ve never experienced all at once before.  NOT ONE FUCKING DICK IS EVEN OUT YET, and I fucking multiple orgasmed HARD about 2 1/2 minutes in.   WTF!?  I’m cumming all over Vanderpoot’s hand, with Keystone pressed up against me, calling me a dirty slut and pulling my damned hair, and my body was just wracked with orgasms, I almost passed out.   I had to call for a muthafuckin smoke break.  I prematurely JACKI-lated ;)

But after getting that one out the way, I was good to go, and I used these he-bitches as my sex toys for the next two hours, and I made them piss for me.  Poor Vanderpoot, you hear him on my piss cam, joking about how I used him and asking if he can go home now.   Of course I told him “not until I get some cum, bitch, it is your turn, I’ve been cumming all night”   :D   Just stay after the movie and watch the piss cam out takes to see it :)

Back to my recap…   I was fucked, and used in so many positions, even watching the video I can’t keep up.   Keystone was all DEEP up in my ass, i mean his tongue was up in my hole.  He is a nasty fucker, I’m going to make him an honorary Jacki Love fuck slave ;)

And Vanderpoot wasnt to be left out, he said use me, tell me what you want, and he was all up licking and fucking my holes too.   I just can’t do this scene justice with words.    So Vanderpoot gives me a nice creampie, KEYSTONE GOES IN AND SUCKS IT CLEAN!  I just love a nasty freak.   So then we fuck some, and then I sit on his face, and watch him shoot that load.   I lick it off and kiss him.   I’ve missed some of the freaky shit we did, I’m just so excited to be posting this scene because, I had to pause and play with myself just writing this entry. :O

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Oh, there will be a special surprise with Keystone this weekend.  The feedback from the shoot was great, and I was lucky enough to have a way to get him back asap.



Arthur showed up early! So he catches me shaving my legs and smoking. Since I get fanmail wanting to see me smoke, I kept it going during our foreplay. It was fun. We got some great pics of it too. FINALLY A NICE BUSH. I’ve been looking for a nice natural bush since I’ve started, they are few and far between but I LOVE them :) Probably because they are so hard to find, even when I beg :( In addition to that bush, on young Arthur, there is a fucking huge ass cock. and when it is hard, it is ROCK hard, like a fucking BONE. It was pretty exciting when he had to really force that cock up in my pussy, you can definitely hear me feeling that meat inside me. I was addicted to riding that cock, so even after he came, I kept trying to get it back in me, first to tease him, but then just because it FELT so good, it was still solid after he filled me deep with his load. My camera person had to make me let the poor 20 year old go. ;) Enjoy it in and thanks for supporting the site! <3 Jacki



Wow, such a small girl and such a huge dick.  So much to like about this.  Enjoy!

so fucking hot