She didn't know she'd like it...until she tried it


Tribbing at its best





Amanda Davies’ “daddy” was watching.

Lol 1981 they didn’t even had couch like that and that’s his wife not a daughter and that’s her first blk lol

Holy fuck




Max with his huge meaty cock was one of my sexiest finds earlier this year.    You’ll have to go back a page or two in my clips store to get this gym.  It is well worth the browse, his big dig pounded his cum up in me so deep that it was 10 mins before it came out.   Totally missed the drip on cam!

Max Says ‘Hello’   He wants me to come back and see him soon.



Met up with this stud, who actually wanted to get into adult work, and my producer showed me his pics, so I just had to try him out for myself.

Willie has sexy green eyes, nice ass.  Rock hard cock and great teeth.   He ate my pussy and lick my ass before I turned the tables on him and rimmed him for his first time ever.   He liked it, and spread his legs so I could get up in there deep.   He wasn’t shy at all about trying new things!   So he is on the short list to come back for more videos!

The rest of the scene had me riding him until he plopped a wet drippy load deep into my snatch.    Very wet queefy ending, watch close as his cock pops out, you see a huge wad of cum splash out onto his nuts.  I still wanted some more dick, so I put his cum and pussy juice covered cock back inside me for a few strokes until I got mine! :)   He wriggled a bit, but he took the pain and satisfied me FULLY.   Then after that he went down there and had a lil taste of my pussy and asshole with his cum and my cum mixed together.    NASTY!!!

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Glad to see you guys like Willie!!!   I’ll post some more still photos of him for you.  Thanks for supporting my site!!!!!  <3  Jacki


Fetish requests!!!!!!!!!!   Ok, so I managed to grow my pubic hair out.   I had to take a long time off shooting for you guys to do this, and here we go!

I have a nice patch of pubes, and Robert comes straight in, I’m already naked and ready to break this dry spell!   He takes his time licking my pussy and asshole.   I was sooo horny, if you watch during the close up you can just see how wet my pussy is!   Good thing Robert likes the taste of my pussy!  It is so hot his tongue lapping at my hairy pussy that we put a good chunk of it in the highlight reel, so you oral fetish, lurker fans, enjoy!!!  You will for sure get off on this preview :D.

After I cum on Robert’s tongue a few times, I turn him over handcuff him, and work his ass open.  I like to make a man scream, but he was too tough and butch for that, but I got a few grunts out of him, to make it worth my time before I removed the handcuffs, fucking him sideways and then on his back, one of my favorite positions, as my loyal readers know.

Then to try something different, I laid back, and made him ride me while stroking his uncut cock, boy, I fucked a huge load out of him!   He shot it out all over my lil tits and tummy.   We even got the cumshot from too angles.  Pretty damn hot.   As always, enjoy the clip and support these updates by buying the video at !!

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